Canine retreat
Your pet's home away from home, with lots of tender loving care.

Play Time

*All guests will have access to a secure, fenced 1 acre play area. This will provide supervised off-leash exercise.




          *Canine Retreat is an ALL SUITE retreat.

*Each suite is extremely spacious. You are welcome to bring bedding/blankets from home if you would like.

*Elevated food and water bowls are provided.

*TV/Stereo plays throughout the retreat daily. This ensures our guests have a pleasurable, stress free and fun stay.



Guest Services

*We monitor your dog’s behavior daily.

*There is lots of one on one attention for each guest.

*We request you bring your pet’s food. A steady diet allows for happy guests.

*We enforce down time daily. It is necessary for our guests to recharge.

*We carefully administer any medication free of charge.


Retreat Details

We strive to provide you the highest quality of pet care available. We take responsibility for caring for your pet seriously. We understand they are valued members of your family. We have placed the following policies in effect to ensure that all of our guests are treated with care and respect.

          *Retreat guest must be at least 1 year old.

          *Vaccinations required: Distemper, Rabies and Bordetella. Due to recent changes in the Indiana Veterinary Practice Act, we no longer will contact your vet for vaccine information. You are responsible for providing this information to us via email, fax or mail prior to your pets visit with us. WE CANNOT ACCEPT YOUR PET WITHOUT PROOF OF THESE VACCINATIONS.

          *We cannot accept any dog that is pregnant or in heat.

          *All guests must be flea-free.

          *If your pet requires medical assistance during their stay, we will consult with one of our area veterinarians. We reserve the right to seek proper medical attention from the vet of our choice. The owner is solely responsible for any charges incurred.