Canine retreat
Your pet's home away from home, with lots of tender loving care.
The Retreat

Canine Retreat is an unique dog boarding facility located on 8.5 acres in Westfield, IN. The retreat, which is attached to my home, is a small facility. Each suite is extremely spacious. Elevated food and water bowls are provided. There are a limited number of suites at Canine Retreat so that our guests can relax and enjoy their stay. TV/Stereo plays throughout the retreat all day to ensure a pleasurable, stress free vacation. We do enforce down time daily, as it is necessary for our guests to recharge. There is a secure 1 acre fenced in play area that provides supervised off-leash enjoyment for our furry friends. Our rates are all inclusive. There are no additional charges for daily activities. Please feel free to contact Mary at (317) 750-2600 for your private tour of Canine Retreat. Come see what makes us different from other facilities.